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The University of Utah
Development Office
332 South 1400 East, Suite 150
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0300

Phone: 801-581-6825 | Toll-free: 800-716-0377

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Find us by searching for Building 73 on the U’s campus map.
Free parking is available along University Street: 30-minute (on the east side) and two-hour (on the west side).
Metered parking is also available behind the building. See the parking options across campus here.

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Meet Our Staff

Development Administration

Fred C. Esplin
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
email | 801-585-6167

Carla P. Flynn
Associate Vice President for Development
email | 801-585-1438

Dawn Aoki
Executive Director, Donor Relations
email | 801-585-0758


Paul Majnik
Senior Director, Advancement Operations
email | 801-581-3335

Danny Schoenfeld
Director, Finance and Administration
email | 801-585-0740

Taylor Anderson
Executive Secretary
email | 801-585-1379

Annual Giving/Phonathon

Peter Moes
Director, Annual Giving
email | 801-581-3229

Rachel Robertson v2

Rachel Robertson
Assistant Director, Annual Giving
email |801-587-9889


Brandi Lavoie
Phonathon Program Manager, Annual Giving
email |801-587-3810

Corporate & Foundation Relations

Dhiraj Chand
Director, Corporate and Foundation Giving
email | 801-585-9847

National Foundation Relations

Chris Ostrander
Executive Director, Foundation Relations
email | 801-585-7220

Data & Reporting

Christian Singleton
Associate Director, Data and Reporting
email | 801-585-3468

Sharon Cotterill
Report Specialist
email | 801-585-0737

Helge Moulding
Report Specialist
email | 801-585-0756

Mike Monson
Report Specialist
email | 801-585-0776

John Bogart
Report Specialist
email | 801-585-7347

Gayathri Paleri Kunnathil
Report Specialist
email | 801-213-1262

Nick Girling
Business Systems Analyst
email | 801-213-1258

Development Services

Kirsten Dorius
Director, Development Services
email | 801-585-0745

Kelsey Critchfield
Executive Secretary
email | 801-585-0417

Alina Gardner
Accounting Specialist
email | 801-585-0752

Melisa Herrera 
Development Services Coordinator 
email | 801-581-3665

Bryce Wurtsbaugh
Manager, Gift Processing
email | 801-585-0746

Gayle Christensen
Office Support Specialist 
email | 801-585-3497

Kathy Murray
Gift Processor
email | 801-585-0755

Anacelic Fernandez
Gift Processor
email | 801-585-0751

Brittany Timpson
Gift Processor
email | 801-585-0747

Vaness Nguyen
Gift Processor
email | 801-585-1092

Cindy West
Gift Processor
email | 801-585-0748

Kristin Dahlin
Manager, Alumni & Donor Records
email | 801-585-0213

April Lund
Data Integrity Specialist 
email | 801-585-0750

Troy Porter
Data Integrity Specialist 
email | 801-581-6825

Donor Relations

Brittany Phelps
Manager, Donor Relations
email | 801-585-3527

Brooke Abel
Manager, Donor Relations
email | 801-585-0749

Emily Newey
Development Specialist
email | 801-585-3398

Kortney Hinckley
Staff Specialist
email | phone 801-585-3725

Kathy Stoker
Development Marketing Assistant
email | 801-585-3452

Rob Patton
Senior Account Executive
email | 801-585-3499

Marcia Dibble
Advancement Communications
email | 801-585-3265

Information Services

Marlen Heimbigner
Sr.Database Administrator
email | 801-585-0123

Ryan Lark
Systems Administration
email | 801-581-5925

Hui Qiao
Training Specialist
email | 801-585-0754

Major Gifts

Mary Rosenbury
Regional Development Officer

Planned Giving

Karin Hardy, J.D.
Director, Planned Giving
email | 801-585-6220

Jessica Nelson, J.D.
Associate Director, Planned Giving
email | 801-585-5950

Tiffany Lopez, J.D.
Associate Director, Planned Giving
email | 801-585-0743

Rachael Griffiths
Development Specialist, Planned Giving
email | 801-581-3727

Prospect Development

Katie Nelson
Manager, Prospect Management
email | 801-585-3496

Lorraine Jackson
Prospect Management Assistant

Dan Jackson
Manager, Prospect Research

developmentstaff-2-web Sam Johnson
Prospect Analyst

developmentstaff-3-web Masha McFadden
Prospect Analyst

Eva Jansson
Prospect Analyst
email | 801-581-5102

Aleisha Wright
Prospect Analyst

Training and Support

Lindsay Snow
Training and Support Manager
email | 801-583-1259