ASUU Child Care Endowment Fund Gets a Boost

Known as “the gift that keeps on giving,” a $25,000 donation to the Associated Students at the University of Utah (ASUU) Child Care Endowment Fund, made possible by current ASUU administration, will provide an influx of scholarship money to aid students in need of child care.

Until now, scholarships to offset daycare costs for the ASUU Childcare Center have been funded from the interest on what has been an underfunded endowment. While typically around 25 people apply each year, the endowment is able to provide scholarship money to just eight or nine students. This gift will increase the endowment, generating additional scholarship dollars and aiding more students for years to come.

The gift—a first—was a joint effort by a number of ASUU officials, including Matt Miller, vice president of University Student Relations; Jessica Patterson, vice president of Student Relations; Rob Phillips, former financial advisor; and Jack Bender, student body president. The bill was drafted and passed through the ASUU Senate and Assembly with strong support. This investment in current and future Utah students is also an investment in families.