Engage with Nature’s Ultimate Machines See, Feel, Explore

Venus Fly Traps secrete sweet nectar to attract their meal. They rely on a handful of sensitive hairs to judge what they’ve caught.

How do Venus flytraps lure in unsuspecting victims? Why do cheetahs run so fast? Why do chimpanzees have stronger grips than humans?

From the inside out, every living thing—including humans—is a machine built to survive. Thanks to the generous support of presenting sponsor Zions Bank, major sponsors My Good Fund, Rio Tinto Kennecott, and Wheeler Machinery Co., and contributions from a host of other exhibition supporters, visitors to the Natural History Museum of Utah will have an opportunity to find out when Nature’s Ultimate Machines, an exhibition organized by The Chicago Field Museum in partnership with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science—will open to the public February 10 through September 3, at the Rio Tinto Center. Embark on an incredible journey to discover some of nature’s most amazing biological marvels through hands-on-interactives (cool exhibits that let you pull a lever, push a button, twist a dial, squeeze stuff, etc. to see how things work) in both English and Spanish. Jump at the chance to “fly” an interactive, designed to show differences between long and short wings. Become intrigued by the stories and science behind biomimicry—the idea that systems found in nature can be used as inspiration for modern inventions, like Velcro, chainsaws, and wind turbines. Discover more. Visit the museum!