We are inspired by a singular vision: to create an amazing future for our students, our state, our nation, and our world.

It starts with a relentless drive to


Here’s a glimpse of the tomorrow that is taking shape today at the University of Utah.

  • We see a future in which all students of high performance and high promise, regardless of background or finances, can say yes to an exceptional University of Utah education.
  • Many of the brightest minds in science and medicine will make our health care, and that of our loved ones, more accessible, more affordable, and more precise than ever before.
  • We will elevate our standing as a research powerhouse and catalyst for economic growth and innovation, taking ideas from the lab to the marketplace and improving lives.
  • Utah will be recognized as a leader in stewarding our natural world — starting here at home — benefiting our environment, our communities, and our economy.
  • The arts and humanities will flourish, with our university elevating its standing as a wellspring for intellectual and cultural life and a force for good in society.

But we can’t do it alone.

Private philanthropy has always been central to the University of Utah’s story line and our ability to deliver on our mission at the highest levels.

We celebrate the visionary donors whose generosity over the decades has fueled our rise as one of America’s most admired and respected public research universities.

Today we’re stronger than ever, by all measures. From student achievement and graduation rates to health outcomes and patient satisfaction. From scientific breakthroughs and new business start-ups to the performing stage and the playing field.

But excellence is no excuse for complacency.

Our strengths, growth, and trajectory compel us to continue to improve the lives of all Utahns and better our world. We’ll do so only as we make strategic investments in areas that align with our unique sense of place, purpose, and people.

We’re thinking bold—$2 billion bold. That’s what it will take to realize, together, our vision to unleash the full power and potential of the U.

Our Goal $2 Billion

Progress to date (July 1, 2014 – August 31, 2022)

Distinct Donors
Distinct Transactions
Allocation of gifts by purpose
Gifts by donor type
Alumni $294,568,912
Non-Alumni $194,675,765
Corporations/Corporate Foundations $549,330,352
Private Foundations/Trusts $1,035,058,516
Public/Community Organizations $675,142,687


Enhance our Exceptional Student Experience


Lead Biomedical Discovery and Transform Health Care


Elevate Research and Engineer Innovative Solutions


Enrich the Arts, Culture, and the Human Experience


Foster Healthy, Resilient, Inclusive Communities