Dean and Professor: Martell Teasley | (801) 581-6194 |
Assistant Dean for Development:  Lisa Himonas | (801) 587-8387 |

Through education, research, and community engagement, the College of Social Work advances the transformation of policies, practice, and interventions to alleviate human suffering, enhance well-being, and promote social justice.

To achieve this mission, the college must prepare more social workers than ever before to meet the workforce demands emerging from current behavioral health crises, including the opioid epidemic, the increased suicide rate, and an aging population. This requires more scholarships for our students—such as the endowed scholarships we added in recent years. It requires meaningful research and space in which to conduct it— such as that led by faculty and students in our Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development, a center that has quickly outgrown its original home. It requires enriched learning experiences for students—through our new advising structure, more online courses, and horizon-broadening opportunities locally and abroad.


The College of Social Work has identified the following funding priorities for the Imagine New Heights campaign:

  • Scholarships—to help students reach their academic goals
  • Online Education—to increase access to higher education for today’s busy, tech-savvy, and geographically dispersed students
  • Building Space—for interprofessional research and training initiatives that address critical behavioral health challenges
  • Endowed Chair—to ensure our ability to attract outstanding teachers and researchers