Foster Healthy, Resilient, Inclusive Communities

Foster Healthy, Resilient, Inclusive Communities

At the U, it’s often hard to know where campus ends and city begins. We’re in the city and of the community — and our futures are bound together.


Salt Lake County is growing and changing.  By 2065, the population will increase to 1.7 million residents, up from just over 1.1 million, a 50%-plus surge.

Projections over the next 50 years show another unmistakable — and welcome — trend: We’re becoming more culturally and ethnically diverse, mirroring the faces of America.

These shifting demographics will require the University of Utah to be an increasingly accessible resource and partner for our communities.

We’re up to the challenge.

We continue to work toward a healthier, more prosperous city and state that will compete successfully in the global knowledge economy.  As Utah’s second largest employer, with an annual economic impact in the billions, we hold this responsibility as a sacred trust.

Our presence transcends economics, of course.  With lectures, concerts, museums, gardens, and Broadway-quality theatre on campus, we’re a destination for people of all ages.  And our men’s and women’s sports teams foster an unsurpassed community spirit and pride.

The University of Utah would not be what it is today without the partnerships we have with Salt Lake City and the State of Utah.  And our city and state would not be the same without the U.

Here’s How You Can Help

The following sampling of campaign priorities will foster healthy, resilient, inclusive communities:

  • Support university-community partnerships that improve the lives of all Utahns by providing greater access to health care and educational opportunities, community-building resources, and improvements to our state-wide public education system.
  • Expand programs that advance diversity and inclusion, making our campus and community more welcoming and equitable for all.
  • Invest in our student-athletes and sports facilities, supporting all 19 of the U’s varsity sports teams and enhancing the fan experience through improvements to our venues.

Community connection

When Sayro Paw first came to Utah at age 12, she was scared and overwhelmed by the language and cultural differences. With the help of a one-on-one mentor at the University of Utah’s Hartland Partnership Center, she was accepted to the U and now studies education so she can inspire others to also work hard to reach their dreams.