Imagine New Heights Videos

Imagine New Heights Videos

Balancing academic and athletic rigor

U senior and gymnast Shannon McNatt studies in the demanding Quantitative Analysis of Marketing and Organizations Program. She applies concepts she’s perfected in the gym, such as progressive learning and balance, to her academic studies.

Community connection

When Sayro Paw first came to Utah at age 12, she was scared and overwhelmed by the language and cultural differences. With the help of a one-on-one mentor at the University of Utah’s Hartland Partnership Center, she was accepted to the U and now studies education so she can inspire others to also work hard to reach their dreams.

Individual attention on a big campus

Transfer student Derek Young came to the U from a small town. Despite attending a university more than twice the size of his hometown, Derek was met with personalized attention. With the support of Tramaine Jones, a student success advocate, Derek had the opportunity to work in a world-class lab—something he never thought he’d be able to do.

Finishing school while battling cancer—on the same campus

U graduate Whitney Bitner is heading to Columbia University for graduate school after completing a math and statistics degree at the U. She earned it while completing chemotherapy treatments at the U’s Huntsman Cancer Institute, which integrates cutting-edge research with clinical care.

Making discoveries together

Students and fellows have been vital to the discoveries made in the Human Genetics Department. Among them is graduate research assistant Kristi Russell, who works with world-renowned professor Lynn Jorde. She never imagined she would have the opportunity to work in such a prestigious lab alongside faculty literally writing the textbooks used in the field.

Interdisciplinary research addressing Utah’s natural environment

U professors Jeff McCarthy and Luisa Whittaker-Brooks approach environmental research from different perspectives—literature and humanities and chemistry, respectively. Together, with their colleagues from other disciplines across campus, they are working to address some of the nation’s most pressing environmental concerns.