Natural History Museum of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah

Executive Director: Jason Cryan | (801) 581-4889 |

Chief Advancement Officer: Chris Eisenberg | (801) 585-1437 |

The Natural History Museum of Utah’s mission is to illuminate the natural world and the place of humans within it, and the museum has developed a reputation of excellence in research, education, exhibitions, collections stewardship, and community service. As the designated state museum of natural history, we have the privilege of caring for the state’s collections of natural and indigenous cultural objects. We serve people in communities across the urban and rural landscape by providing access to these collections and, through them, communicating the importance and value of the natural world around us and providing key educational services to develop a science-literate workforce.


The Natural History Museum of Utah has identified the following funding priorities for the Imagine New Heights campaign: 

  • Train the next generation of biodiversity and learning scientists.
  • Improve efficiency in our day-to-day operations by sustaining and building on our LEED Gold certification.
  • Innovate in biodiversity and learning research using our vast scientific collections to help us comprehend and project impacts resulting from rapid global change.
  • Keep our exhibits and programs at the cutting edge.
  • Protect and provide access to the Rio Tinto Center.
  • Work to make the museum more accessible and inclusive to our audience, volunteers, and staff.
  • Generate basic support through endowing the position of museum director.
  • Expand and renew K-12 STEM education by innovating with new technologies, experiences, and curriculum to meet the needs of students and teachers across the state, region, and country.
  • Involve the public with expanded citizen science and science communication programs.
  • Serve the entirety of Utah as the state museum, working hard to provide science to people in communities statewide.
  • Strengthen the digital backbone of the museum and expand the size and scope of our online services, from making collections data globally available to delivering exciting science to the public.