What is Legacy Awareness Month?

In honor of October being National Estate Planning Awareness Month, beginning on Oct. 1, the University of Utah is kicking off Legacy Giving Awareness Month. The university has a long history of honoring the legacy of those individuals who have included gifts from their estate plans. Whether it be a gift from a will to establish a scholarship, or beneficiary designation from a retirement account to support research, legacy gifts have been an integral part of the university’s history since its founding.

How do legacy gifts help the University of Utah?

These gifts help the university fulfill its mission to serve its students, the people of Utah, and the world by disseminating knowledge through teaching, research, and community outreach. Legacy gifts help the university fund scholarships, study abroad programs, faculty support, research, athletics, health care programs, hospitals and clinics, cultural and performing arts programs, libraries, museums, the arboretum, public broadcasting, or community outreach programs.

Who can give? What can I give?
Everyone is welcome and invited to give. Often people think, “I don’t have an estate; I can’t make that kind of contribution.” However, people from all walks of life can make a legacy gift—not just the wealthy. When most people think of making a gift, they think of writing a check or using a credit card. Legacy gifts are usually made from people’s assets, such as: cash, securities, real estate, business interests, artwork, intellectual property, retirement plan assets, insurance policies, investment accounts, and oil, gas or mineral interests. You can make a gift from just about any type of asset you own.
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Dr. John R. Park

"In as much as my life work has been devoted to the educational interest of my state and mindful of its future welfare, I hereby direct that the whole of my estate shall be transferred and given to the University of Utah."

First President of the University of Utah
Last will and testament | October 6, 1900

The Dr. John R. Park Legacy Society

Through the Dr. John R. Park Legacy Society, the University of Utah recognizes individuals who make known their gift intentions through a will or living trust, or some other form of legacy gift. Making you a member of the society is the university’s way to thank you and ensure that your gift can be used as you intend. With your gift, you join an illustrious group of people who have made a similar commitment to the long-term success of the University of Utah, its faculty and students.

How Do I Make a Legacy Gift?

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