Recent Major Gifts

We thank the following supporters for their generous gifts received between October 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017.

Adiuvo Inc.
Deborah Ang and Constantine P. Georgopoulos
Axon Medical Inc.
William J. Baker
Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation
Melissa J. and Edward M. Barbanell
Bard Access Systems
Be Brave Baylee Foundation
Zane Beadles Parade Foundation
David L. and Robyn E. Beck
Becton Dickinson Infusion
H.A. and Edna Benning Endowment Fund
Beta Alpha Psi – Epsilon XI
Marsden and Lynette Blanch
Boston Scientific Corporation
Kent and Kathleen J. Bowen
The Boyer Family Foundation Trust
Stephen K. Bradley and Barry Franson
Carolyn H. Brady
Brinson Foundation
Lisa L. and Gardner Brown
Kenneth P. and Sally Rich Burbidge Foundation #2
Kenneth P. and Sally R. Burbidge Foundation #1
Harold Burton Foundation
Cache Valley Electric Co
The Callon Family Trust
The Jeffrey and Helen Cardon Foundation
Celtic Bank
Shaunna J. and Rick Clark
Comstock Clayton Foundation
Community Health Charities of America
Nathaniel Connor
Corning Incorporated
Roger and Dawn Goates Crus Legacy Fund
Cultural Vision Fund
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
Thomas and Candace Dee Family Foundation
Desert Whale Productions, Inc
Dialysis Research Foundation
Kathleen B. Digre and Michael W. Varner
Questar Corporation
Cyndi L. and Robert Douglass
Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke, Jr. Foundation
Durham Jones & Pinegar PC
Ann G. Dye
Dynasthetics LLC
Eccles First Security Foundation
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
The Marriner S. Eccles Foundation
Willard L. & Ruth P. Eccles Foundation
Eichenberg-Larson Charitable Foundation
Robert R. and Holly Elliott
C.R. England, Inc.
William and Fern England Foundation
Jeannette B. and Todd D. England
Engman Family Trust
Fairchild Martindale Foundation
Christine A. and Fred W. Fairclough
The Fang Family Foundation
Thomas H. and Carolyn L. Fey Family Foundation, Inc.
FJ Management
Forever Young Foundation
Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.
Ernst R. and Marianne Friedrich
Fund for Science
Goff Foundation, Inc.
Gardner Company
Carolyn B. and Kem C. Gardner
Robert & Katharine Garff Foundation
Amy A. and John K. Garff
Donald N. and Mary Ann Garner
Robert C. and Lynette N. Gay
GCW Corporation
Geurts Law Firm
Gregory J. and Sylvia A. Goff
Roger Leland Goudie Foundation
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors LLC
Aaron T. and Kim W. Hall
The Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation
Ronald E. Henriksen
William G. and Joyce Holt
Mildred P. Hunter Foundation
Huntsman Cancer Foundation
The Huntsman Foundation
Huntsman International LLC
Intermountain Healthcare
Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation
Jacobsen Construction Company, Inc.
Lynda M. Jacobsen
Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
David Kelby Johnson Memorial Foundation
Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
Paul and Desnee M. Joos
David and Annette Jorgensen Foundation
Judelson Family Foundation
Kahlert Foundation Inc.
Hee K. and Sung W. Kim
Paul Spencer Lambert
Gloria A. Larson Trust
Frederick Q. Lawson Foundation
Janet Q. Lawson Foundation
James L. Macfarlane
Charles E. and Crystal Maggelet
Ben B. & Iris M. Margolis Foundation
Jane A. and Tami Marquardt
Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
Richard E. and Nancy Marriott Foundation, Inc.
McCarthey Family Foundation
Philip G. and Sandra McCarthey
McGillis Charitable Foundation
Lynn and Susan M. McShane
Meldrum Foundation
Peter D. and Catherine R. Meldrum
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Sharon R. and Frank G. Meyer
Trygve Mikkelsen
Millcreek Engineering Company
The Mark and Kathie Miller Foundation
Larry H. Miller and Gail Miller Family Foundation
Mark C. and Kathie M. Miller
Harold and Lois Milner Foundation
Tom S. and Julia S. Miner
Mistywood Partners LP
Dennis W. and Donna Monson
Moreton Family Foundation
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc
Jay and Sandhya Narasipura
The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation
The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
O.C. Tanner Company
Gordon and Marcia Olch Trust
Carolyn L. Orthner
Steven and Patricia M. Ott
Dennis L. and Anne J. Parker
Dinesh and Kalpana Patel Foundation
Pehrson Family Trust
William T. Petuskey and Karen B. Ouzts
Anne Osborn Poelman
J.B. Pritzker & M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation
S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation
R&R Partners, Inc.
Kim and John R. Raybould
Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc.
Joyce T. Rice
Joseph and Evelyn Rosenblatt Charitable Fund
Victoria J. Rowntree and Jon Seger
Stephen M. Ryberg and Claire Dumke-Ryberg
Max T. Sabour
Salt Lake City Arts Council
Janet M. Schaap Trust
Security National Financial Corp.
Sentry Financial Corporation
Joanne L. Shrontz Family Foundation
Fred R. Silvester
The Simmons Family Foundation
Harris H. and Amanda P. Simmons
Edward F. and Beverly J. Smith
The Sorenson Legacy Foundation
James Lee Sorenson Family Foundation
Susan H. and John R. Speer
Jennifer P. Speers Family Trust
Robert C. Steiner and Wendy I. Reed
Larry B. and Liane W. Stillman
Dr. W.C. Swanson Family Foundation
The Taft Foundation
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation
The Procter & Gamble Company
Arthur and Haru Toimoto Trust
Katherine M. and Stephen P. Veltri
Andrew F. Wahlquist
Scott and Dorothy E. Watkins Charitable Foundation
Weinholtz Family Foundation
Christine Theresia Wellington
John A. and Amy B. Williams
Ann and Brent L. Wilson
Woodbury Corporation
Edward J. and Marelynn W. Zipser
John M. Zrno