2011 Season

Arab Summer: Constitutional Challenges in the Middle East

Lecture by Dean Hiram Chodosh, S.J. Quinney College of Law

Excellence, Relevance, and Participation: The Future of the UMFA

Lecture by Gretchen Dietrich, Executive Director for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

The Nation's #1 University for Developing Start-Up Companies

Lecture by Dr. Jack Brittain, VP for Technology Venture Development

Building Sacred Space: The Oneida, Shakers, and FLDS

Lecture by Dean Martha Bradley, Honors College

Isiah 2:4 They Shall Beat Their Swords (Scientific Discoveries) Into Plowshares (Medical Advances)

Lecture by Dr. Dean Li, Professor of Molecular Biology, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics

This is Not Your Grandfather's Business School!

Lecture by Dean Taylor Randall, David Eccles School of Business