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Giving Day Champions


To help spread the word about Giving Day and maximize our impact on students and the community, we’re asking YOU to be a Giving Day Champion.

Me? Yes, you! As a champion, you’ll help us get the Giving Day message to as many people as possible using your personal networks of friends and family via email and social media. Being a champion doesn’t have to take a long time but is a rewarding experience – and you’ll making an huge difference at the University of Utah.

5 Ways to Be a Giving Day Champion

  1. Sign up to be a champion – you’ll get your own link to track your success!
  2. Visit and check out what other Champions and social is being posted at givingday.utah.edu
  3. Share #UGivingDay content on your personal social networks.
  4. Send 2 – 3 emails or texts to close friends to encourage them to participate in U Giving Day.
  5. Post an #unselfie

Use Official Hashtags




Before U Giving Day

  • On April 2 and 3 the University of Utah will come together for 1,850 minutes in honor of founders day for our fifth U Giving Day. Where will you give? Find your passion at givingday.utah.edu #UGivingDay #LoveU2024
  • I am supporting U Giving Day on April 2 and 3 this year. Join me and thousands of other U supporters make a lasting impact on campus. Learn more: givingday.utah.edu #LoveU24 #UGivingDay

On April 2 and 3

  • #UGivingDay starts NOW! Make a difference with your gift at givingday.utah.edu #LoveU2024 #UniversityofUtah
  • I gave to ______ on #UGivingDay! What do you love about the U? Chances are we are working on it, let’s work on it together. Join me in supporting Giving Day at the U. givingday.utah.edu #LoveU24
  • I gave to the University of Utah’s Giving Day! There is still time for you to join me and others to support students, research, health care, community programs, and more. Learn more: givingday.utah.edu 
  • Only a few hours left of #UGivingDay! Find your project and make an impact at givingday.utah.edu

After U Giving Day

  • Thank you for everyone who participated in #UGivingDay. With your donations we can imagine more for the University of Utah. #LoveU2024

Or Answer These Questions in Your Post

  • I just gave to the U of U [Project Name] because …
  • To me, the U means…..
  • Join me this U Giving Day in supporting….
  • My favorite memory from my time at the U was….

Youtube Videos

Giving Day 2024 Playlist


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Questions or need help? Email: annual.giving@utah.edu. 

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