U Giving Day Toolkit

U Giving Day Champions


To help spread the word about U Giving Day and maximize our impact on students and the community, we’re asking YOU to be a Giving Day Champion.

Me? Yes, you! As a champion, you’ll help us get the Giving Day message to as many people as possible using your personal networks of friends and family via email and social media. Being a champion doesn’t have to take a long time but is a rewarding experience – and you’ll making an huge difference at the U.

5 Ways to Be a U Giving Day Champion

  1. Sign up to be a champion – you’ll get your own link to track your success!
  2. Visit and check out what other Champions and social is being posted at givingday.utah.edu
  3. Share U Giving Day content on your personal social networks.
  4. Send 5-10 emails or texts to close friends to encourage them to participate in U Giving Day.
  5. Post an #unselfie

Use Official Hashtags


Before U Giving Day

  • On March 28 and 29 the University of Utah will come together for 1,850 minutes in honor of founders day for our fifth U Giving Day. Where will you give? Find your passion at givingday.utah.edu #UGivingDay #LoveU2023

On March 28th and 29th 

  • #UGivingDay starts NOW! Make a difference with your gift at givingday.utah.edu #LoveU2023 #UniversityofUtah
  • Only a few hours left of #UGivingDay! Find your project and make an impact at givingday.utah.edu

After U Giving Day

  • Thank you for everyone who participated in #UGivingDay. With your donations we can imagine more for the University of Utah. #LoveU2023

Or Answer These Questions in Your Post

  • I just gave to the U of U [Project Name] because …
  • To me, the U means…..
  • Join me this U Giving Day in supporting….
  • My favorite memory from my time at the U was….

Share a #Unselfie

The #Unselfie is a great way to show your support for a cause. Simply write down the project you are supporting and snap a picture of you with your sign. Upload the picture to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Invite donors in your circle to also share a #unselfie photo!

Click HERE to download your printable sign!

Send Personal Emails

Connect with your network through email! Personal peer-to-peer emails have an important impact on U Giving Day.

Right click and “save as” to download photos!

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter Post Images

Instagram Images

Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Click the sticker icon in Instagram Stories and search any of  “ugd23, u giving day , u of u giving, uofugiving, ugivingday, ugiving” to add these stickers and more to your Stories.

Profile Banners and Images

Changing your cover photo on Facebook and Twitter is a quick way to let your network know about U Giving Day.

Text Message Templates

General Notes:

  • We recommend sending three text messages over three days (one per day) to at least 10 people.
  • Do not include the link in your first text message. Try to spark a conversation and be ready to send your personalized link when someone expresses an interest.
  • Feel free to customize these templates as much as you like. Texting is a highly personal form of communication and the more it sounds like YOU, the better!
  • Include the first name of the person you are texting to make it even more effective.
  • When multiple options are suggested for each day, pick your favorite
Suggested Date Suggested Text Objective
March 27 Hello NAME! U Giving Day is tomorrow. I’m supporting ___ because it’s a cause that is important to me. Would you be interested in learning more about this? Try to spark a conversation with your friend about U Giving Day and the cause you are supporting. Tell them why it is important to you and why you’ve decided to be a champion to help raise funds.
March 27 Hi NAME! I’m reaching out to a few friends because its U Giving Day – and you can probably guess that this is important to me! I’m supporting ___. Are you planning to make a gift tomorrow? An alternative option for sparking a conversation. This message is likely to lead to a yes or a no response, so be ready to change their mind if they say no! Tell them why it is important to you and why you’ve decided to be a champion. If they respond yes, tell them you’ll send them your link tomorrow.
March 28 Hi again! U Giving Day is underway and I’ve set myself a goal of securing 5 donations for ____. I’ve made the first gift – will you join me? Challenge them to join you in giving to your chosen cause. Feel free to include how much you gave and suggest an amount for them to give.
March 28 We just kicked off 1850 minutes of fundraising for U Giving Day. I’m proud to be supporting a program that is important to me – ______. What is your favorite thing about UofU? An alternative option for launch day message. In this version you’re still sparking a conversation about what they care about, versus making the direct ask. Be ready to make your ask in a follow up message.
March 29 So far ____ has received __ donations totaling $____ on U Giving Day. Excited to see how much this means to people. Would you be able to join me in making a gift of $___ to help us reach the goal? Provide an update on U Giving Day and specifically for the cause you are championing.
March 29 NAME, I’m so proud of UofU! U Giving Day is almost over but thousands of donors have made an enormous impact already. Isn’t that amazing? Did you make a gift yet? There’s still time – can I send you a link to donate? This is a more general message to get late donations towards closing time. Focus on the overall results and ask if they are one of the many donors.
March 30/31 THANK YOU for support UofU during U Giving Day! I’m so proud of all my friends who made a difference. They’re still counting the donations but it looks like we raised over $____ – incredible! Thanks again, NAME. Say thank you to people who told you they would donate. This is an important stewardship step!




General Notes:

  • We recommend making one phone call to 10 friends. While you can make calls before U Giving Day, making them during the actual event is ideal.
  • If they don’t answer, always leave a voice message. You’re welcome to customize the voicemail script.
  • Obviously a phone conversation can go in many directions, so we’re providing talking points rather than a specific script. Keep the conversation real!


Voicemail Script:

Hi NAME, it’s YOUR_NAME. I’m calling a few friends today about U Giving Day and you were high on my list! I’d love to chat with you about this if you have time, but long story short, I’ve just made my donation to support ____. This is something that means a lot to me because ____. So I’m wondering if you’d be willing to match my donation to help increase our impact. It’s easy to give online – I just did it myself at givingday.utah.edu. Feel free to give me a call back or shoot me a text. Hope all is well with you and we can talk soon. Thanks in advance for your support!


Phone Talking Points:

  • Catch up with your friend before jumping into the conversation about U Giving Day.
  • U Giving Day just started – it’s an 1850 minute fundraising effort where thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students will come together to make a big impact.
  • People are supporting every program in the University and University of Utah Health – today is about making a different in the program you feel most passionate about.
  • I’m supporting…. And why…
  • “If you were going to make a donation, which part of UofU would get your support? What programs are important to you?”
  • You can make a gift of any amount at givingday.utah.edu. It’s easy, I just did it myself!
  • “Do you think you’ll make a donation? Would you like me to text you the link so you can do it from your phone?”
  • Thank your friend for their support or at least for considering it.
  • Let them know you’ll keep them updated on the fundraising progress as the day goes on.