Professor donates to future Honors students with legacy gift

Randy Dryer, an alum of the Honors College, is a first-generation college student from Ogden, Utah. Randy feels that the Honors program exposed him to an entirely new world of experiences and associations with other students from around the world. His Honors professors taught him how to think critically and globally. He notes that those skills are essential to him in today’s world of misinformation and partisan divides.He never imagined then, that decades later he would be actually teaching at the Honors College.

Randy’s philanthropic decision to leave a legacy gift to the Honors College will not only give back but will ensure that future Honors students will have the same opportunities he did many years ago. The Honors College has been a significant and positive part of his adult life and much of his professional career has been shaped by his association with Honors. We are very grateful for the many contributions Randy has, and continues to make in shaping the education and opportunities within the Honors College. We honor his plan for continuing that legacy in the future. Randy is now the Presidential Honors Professor in the Honors College, and a Professor of Law (Lecturer) at the S.J. Quinney College of Law.