Advance Confidentiality and Acceptable Use Agreement for Non-University Employees

Advance Confidentiality and Acceptable Use Agreement for Non-University Employees

This form must be completed by all external entities such as volunteers, vendors, co-sponsors, business partners, or others who are not University of Utah employees who need alumni/donor information from the alumni/donor database (Advance) or other confidential sources in order to further the business of the university. The alumni/donor database is managed by the staff of the Development Office. Inquiries should be directed to the Advance Help Desk at 801-585-4357 or

External Entity Information


It should be noted that the type of information allowed to be shared with an external entity depends upon that entity's relationship with the University. Those external entitites that are:

  • Unpaid, such as a Volunteer, are only allowed access to biographical data—it is specifically not permissible for them to have direct access to giving or financial data.
  • Paid, such as Vendor/Consultant, may have access to any piece of information in Advance that is necessary to complete the specific task for which they are being paid.

Reason for External Entity Access

(required if request is for systems access)

University of Utah Representative Statement

I certify that the above individual or organization needs access to this data for performance of their efforts on behalf of the University of Utah. I further recognize that the information provided will be used exclusively in conjunction with the completion of the organization's business with the University of Utah and no subsequent use of the information or any derivatives is authorized. I will notify the Development Office immediately in writing if the above individual or organization no longer needs access to the data, and will ensure that the third party recipient above destroys or returns copies of the information and any derivatives provided as soon as their authorized purpose has been served, or when the business relationship concludes.

External Entity's Statement of Responsibilities

The information provided to the external entity is the property of the University of Utah and may not be used for any commercial purpose, nor any purpose outside the reason and project detailed above. The University is not authorized to give, sell or provide access to lists of individuals for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes are broadly defined to include for-profit and non-profit organizations. Further, the external entity identified in this document will not share the information with any other entity without authorization from the Associate Vice President for Development. The release and control of this information is governed by state and federal laws including but not limited to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the State of Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).

To ensure that none of this information is inappropriately released, I stipulate that any copies of the data used for production purposes and all derivatives will be destroyed or returned to the University as soon as their authorized purpose has been served, no later than the data expiration date above, or as soon as the business relationship with the University concludes. I will also ensure confidentiality of the information provided to me while it is in my possession, and use University property and resources according to University policy. I acknowledge and agree to all the terms detailed in the External Entity's Statement of Responsibilities.