John R. Park Society


“ In as much as my life work has been devoted to the educational interest of my state and mindful of its future welfare, I hereby direct that the whole of my estate shall be transferred and given to the University of Utah. ”

John R. Park
Last Will and Testament | October 6, 1900


Dr. John R. Park was the first president of the University of Utah. He left his entire fortune, including his library, to the University. That same spirit lives on today. More than two decades ago, the John R. Park Society was established at the University. The Society pays tribute to Dr. Park and to all those who carry on this tradition of philanthropy at the University of Utah.

Through the Society, the University recognizes individuals who make known their gift intentions through a will or living trust, or some other form of planned gift. If you have included the University of Utah in your estate plans, please let us know.  We want to thank you and ensure that your gift can be used as you intend. With your gift, you join an illustrious group of people who have made a similar commitment to the long-term success of the University, its faculty and students.


Is the U in Your Will?